Please donate to help us promote fairness and freedom

The People's Party is a new political party that was registered by Elections Canada on January 19, 2019.  The PPC Electoral District Association of Calgary - Signal Hill was quickly formed with a strong executive, and on June 10, 2019, Gord Squire was elected to be the People's Party candidate for the federal election in the fall of 2019.

We are just, now, starting to raise funds for the upcoming campaign.  We need money to order signs and door hangers for our canvassers.

You must be a Canadian citizen over age 18 donating your own money.  Corporations can not donate.  Individuals can donate a maximum of $1,600 to all candidates and electoral district associations combined, and may also donate up to an additional $1,600 to the federal party.

Contributions of $20 or more are tax deductible at the rate of 75% on the first $400, 50% on the next $350, and 33% on the next $525. 

For example, you will save $300 in taxes if you donate $400.

Please help with any amount you like.  You can e-transfer money to the Signal Hill EDA at  You can also donate with a credit card below.  Thank you!

People's Party of Canada, EDA of Calgary - Signal Hill