Gord Squire and Max Bernier

Fight for Fairness and Freedom


Please come out and meet Gord Squire along with the Signal Hill EDA executive and key campaign volunteers on Wednesdays at 730pm from July 17 to October 16 at Shillelagh's Pub at 1851 Sirocco Drive SW.  We will be upstairs at the big picnic table in the middle of the room.

Please vote on October 21.  The election will be announced in the first half of September, so please also consider donating or volunteering soon.  Donations will be used to buy election signs.



The Myth of Vote Splitting


There is one party - the People's Party - that puts Canadians first.  The other parties are globalist, practise identity politics to win votes, and do not support free enterprise.  Those other parties are splitting the vote with each other, and the People's Party is not splitting the vote with any particular one of them.


1.  LibCons

Throughout Canadian history, there have been only two prime ministers - a liberal and a conservative.  Each party has support from its side of the political spectrum, so each party moves more to the centre in an effort to increase the size of its side.  Right now, there are no real differences in the policies of the Liberals and the Conservatives.  In fact, it is ironic that the Conservatives, the often-perceived-to-be free-enterprise party, selected their leader because he supports supply-side economics, which is arguably the aspect of Canada's economy that is the least free.  You can look to the Conservatives' support of the Paris Climate Accord and their intention to fight CO2 emissions in Canada and abroad, with our tax dollars, as an example of this similarity even though the Conservatives may campaign on repealing the carbon tax.  Those parties are so similar that you should not care which one of them gets the most votes. 


2.  Your Best Interest

Don't waste your vote trying to elect a LibCon leader whom you don't like because he has the best chance of defeating the one you hate.  Fluctuating between the two means that you are never voting for whom you actually like.  Determine if your values align with those of the People's Party of Canada.  If so, then vote for us.  Vote in your own best interest, and don't vote against your principles.


3.  Broad Appeal

The People's Party is attracting Canadians who have not recently voted.  We are also attracting fiscally conservative Liberals.  Previous members of the NDP have joined the PPC because the PPC will end crony capitalism.  Some are fearful that the Conservatives will reduce a woman's right to choose her medical treatments.  The PPC is drawing support from many areas.


4.  Signal Hill

Even if you don't embrace the points above then you still should vote for the party that best represents your principles if you live in Signal Hill because this electoral district is very unlikely to elect a Liberal candidate even if the People's Party were to take half the votes of any other party.


Split your vote away from the LibCons and send the message that you value fairness, freedom, respect, and responsibility.  Perhaps the People's Party will get enough votes to send that message to the other parties for you, or perhaps the PPC can even form the balance of power in a minority government.



Strong Policies



Build Pipelines

  • Use the constitution to declare pipeline projects in the national interest

  • Simplify the approval process and scrap Bill C-69

  • Sell Trans Mountain


Reform the Unfair Equalization Program

  • Shrink the overall budget for equalization payments

  • Give all provinces the right incentives to develop their economies


Put Canada First

  • Withdraw Canada from the Global Compact on Migration and the Paris Accord

  • Stop irregular immigration at the border

  • Limit annual immigration to 250,000 or less

  • Prioritize skilled immigrants

  • Cut foreign aid except in response to humanitarian crises



Simplify and Cut Taxes

  • Reduce corporate tax by 5%

  • Eliminate the capital gains tax

  • Repeal the carbon tax


Reduce Prices Through Freer Enterprise and More Competition

  • De-regulate the telecommunications, media and air travel industries

  • Abolish the quota system for dairy, eggs and poultry

  • Promote inter-provincial trade

  • End corporate welfare


Free Speech

  • Restrict the definition of hate speech in the Criminal Code to expressions that explicitly advocate the use of force against identifiable groups or persons based on protected criteria such as religion, race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation

  • Repeal C-16 and M-103



All Canadians and corporations should have equal opportunities.  Virtue-signalling, identity politics and corporate welfare are abhorrent.  Preferential treatment should not be given to some based on their immutable characteristics or whom they know.  The Canadian people should not suffer because a selected group is given a benefit in exchange for political gain.



Decision makers must be accountable to Canadians.  We will put the provinces clearly in control of healthcare to eliminate any confusion about who is accountable.



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